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Small Calendar Packages

- Free Shipping
- Magnetic

- 12 Calendars per package
- Four Categories to choose from

- Great for party gifts
- Great for community outreach gifts
- Great for Christmas gifts

- Each assortment has two of each print
- Overall size is 6"w x 9"ht
- Calendar pad size is 5.5"w x 4.25"ht
- Without pen/pen holder = $3.00
- With pen/pen holder = $3.50 each
Inspirational Calendar Package of 12 (One of each print.)
in 30.png
in 93.png
in 52.png
in 11.png
in 31.png
in 41.png
in 38.png
land 57.png
in 39.png
in 92.png
in 67.png
in 57.png
Funny and Cute Calendar Package of 12 (One of each print.)
fun 24.png
fun 29.jpg
fun 31b.png
fun 32a.png
fun 30c.png
fun 22.png
fun 8.png
fun 11.png
fun 15.png
fun 20.png
fun 21.png
fun 18.png
Scenic Calendar Package of 12 (One of each print.)
land 69.png
land 66.png
land 6.png
land 50.png
land 25a.png
land 72.png
land 53.png
land 71.png
land 56.png
land 68.png
land 61.png
land 70.png
Waterscapes Calendar Package of 12 (One of each print.)
water 31.png
water 26.png
water 17.png
water 24.png
cw 15.png
water 41.png
water 1.png
water 38.png
water 39.png
water 40.png
cw 7.png
water 29.png

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