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School Fund Raiser

Your calendars may be customized according to your liking with your school logo, mascot, information, etc.  The calendars go from the present month of the current year through December of the following year.  You may choose what month to start them in.  They are magnetic with self-stick note pads and Papermate pen with handy kitchen and conversion measurements.  Your school calendar may be incorporated into the calendar pad at no extra charge.  Below is an outline of our program:

1-  At your Parent / Teacher’s meeting in the beginning of your school year, have
     some calendars to sell on the spot.  In this way, parents can see the quality of

     our calendars and this will help in promoting the fundraiser.

2-  Within the following week or so, fundraising packets will be distributed to each

     student.  Usually allow 2 – 3 weeks for order taking.

3-  Once orders are turned in, send a master list by email for production.  Please

      allow 3 to 4 weeks turnaround to receive your orders. (We will try to beat that

      time if possible.)

-          There will be 10 choices of images for your customers to choose from. 
            Our calendars make wonderful gifts for Christmas.

-          One may be a custom image of your school with contact information 
            included. Or you may keep it simple and only sell our in-stock products, 
            the choice is yours.

-          School event dates may be incorporated into your calendar pads.

-          Schools receive 50% to %60 profit, depending on the final resell price.
           Suggested re-sell price is $12 to $15.

It’s that easy!  No payment is due until 30 days after your calendars are delivered.  Fundraising can be challenging.  Our goal is to make fund raising simple, profitable and with value that rewards your customers.  IceboxCalendars have many returning customers that love our unique product.  Please let us know how we can assist you in making this fund raiser a simple and easy task with a rewarding return for your school.

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