Two Year Calendars for Fundraising or Gifts
Four Packages to choose from...
waterscapes 1.png
inspirational 6.png
funny and cute 11.png
scenic 5.png

reminders here...
(Use Washable  Marker)


Cost: $72/$6.00 each

Suggested Resell: $10 to $12
Total of 12 calendars 
Four packages to choose from.
(one of each image per package)


- Magnetic for your refrigerator/office cabinet
- Handy measurements
- Calendar with holidays goes from 2022 - 2023
- Quick Reminder Area w/Washable Marker
- 100 page 3" x 3" self-stick notepad
- Crystal clear packaging
- Overall product size is 9"w by 14.5"ht
      ...with packaging 17.5" ht
- Calendar pad size is 8.5"w x 7"ht

 ***Notepad and Washable Marker may vary in color.


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